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Alexander Mejia

6951 Brighton Court Apt # 107 Frederick, MD 21703

4850 Stamp Rd. Temple Hills, MD 20748


Alexander Mejia, owner of Black Diamond Stone, and previously Master Stone, LLC, and god knows what other future fraud companies claiming to be a granite countertop contractor, but he is a thief. He is a scammer and a fraud who would simply vanish after cashing your deposit check. He won’t do the job he was paid to do. He won’t return your money or any phone calls. He is a master con artist who knows the ins and outs of scamming. He is not a licensed contractor and his business is not listed anywhere. Staying anonymous is the easiest way for him to scam people and steal their money.

Here is what he did to me.

  • He came to my house with a big smile appearing professional
  • Next day he asked me to visit his shop in Temple Hills, Maryland to see some of his granite slab selections. I did and since it was a small shop and he didn’t have enough selection, he asked me to go to MSI international, and other granite distributors to choose my slab, which I did as well.
  • Then he send somebody to my house to measure the countertop and he provided me an estimate of $10,000.00 to do my entire kitchen countertop
  • He came to my house and requested 50% down payment. He said he needed the money to buy the granite slab and 2 weeks window for fabrications. I gave him a $5,000.00 check.
  • He passed the deadline and 3 additional deadlines to finish the job. He never even started the job, he wouldn’t even answer his phone and would continuously play games by saying he is coming today, tomorrow, etc. then I realized he never even bought the slabs.
  • After 3 weeks of nightmare and calling him 100 times a day, he eventually gave me a check for $5000.00 But the check was a bad check and bounced back. He didn't have any money in that bank. I noticed he has given me a check from a bank account in which he never put money in it. Its sole purpose is for scamming.
  • Another 2 week of nightmare, and calling him 100 times a day to get my money back, and empty promises from him. I didn’t get anything.
  • I hired a lawyer and brought a lawsuit against this crook.

Here are some of the text correspondence with him and other proof.

Alexander Mejia
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